Grill Gloves – These Silicone Cooking Gloves Are Heat Resistant – 1 Pair – Best Kitchen Pot Holders and Oven Mitts with 5 Fingers – Add Them to Your BBQ Grilling Accessories Arsenal – Safety First – Protective Baking Gloves – Have a Perfect Barbecue Without Burning Your Hands – Lifetime Guarantee

Discover The Great Benefits Of The Silicone Grill Gloves

Put On Your Silicone Grill Gloves And Start Cooking Now Without Burning Your Hands
- The silicone gloves are designed with a five fingered grip
- The gloves cover up to your wrist
- Light, flexible, hygienic, durable and heat resistant
- Easy to clean

About The Silicone Cooking Gloves
The grill gloves are a unique and new alternative to the standard oven mitts. Made from durable material and engineered with a 5- fingers both hands design. The gloves are easy to use and easy to clean. The most safe material for use in food handling, cooking, baking, barbecue and grilling! The overall goal is to achieve the highest possible standard for safety! We proudly presents you with the perfect kitchen accessory that protects hands from high heath and handles hot products with a firm grip.

Features and Benefits

- Heat resistant up to 446F (230°C)
- One Size Fits All Design
- Waterproof
- A flexible glove with no slip

- Take out your food from the oven safely
- Carve hot meat by hand without the fear of getting burned
- Take out your food from boiling water
- Turn over your meat, chicken, pork or any other BBQ food without getting burned

As a bonus you will receive a FREE Ebook (121 pages) with suggested recipes so you can start cooking your favorite dishes today! This Ebook covers:
- Oven recipes
- Grilling recipes
- Marinades and sauces

Our Service
The silicone grill gloves (1 pair) will be delivered in a coloured box with instructions and a thank you card. Once you purchased the grilling gloves, we will follow up by email to see everything is ok.

Not satisfied? Return the gloves for a full refund!

Click the buy button at the top of this page to protect your hands from burning!

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Cuisinart Puppet Oven Mitt with Silicone Grip, Green, 2-Pack

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Kitchen Elements Ultra-Flex Red Silicone Kitchen Cooking Mitt, 1 Pair

Set of two silicone cotton padded kitchen oven mitts with padded inner liner make up this comfortable, handy oven glove. A non-skid, non-slip silicone on the outside protects your hands from heat. Fabric on the inside keeps your hands comfortable. The raised grooves are ideal for gripping. The inner padding and flex of the silicone provide better movement and gripping power than most silicone mitts. Silicone is high heat resistant up to 425-Degree f. The silicone cotton padded kitchen oven mitts feature a handy cloth loop to hang glove from for easy storage.

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