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Cuisinart Puppet Oven Mitt with Silicone Grip, Green, 2-Pack

One of the best Oven Mitts one will ever buy. This is a Puppet Oven Mitt offering the most flexibility when grabbing something hot. Our Oven Mitt also features our signature Silicon Grip which can resist up to 500-degree of heat. Pair these features with one of the most recognized brands in the marketplace and you have a superb product.

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Kitchen Elements Ultra-Flex Red Silicone Kitchen Cooking Mitt, 1 Pair

Set of two silicone cotton padded kitchen oven mitts with padded inner liner make up this comfortable, handy oven glove. A non-skid, non-slip silicone on the outside protects your hands from heat. Fabric on the inside keeps your hands comfortable. The raised grooves are ideal for gripping. The inner padding and flex of the silicone provide better movement and gripping power than most silicone mitts. Silicone is high heat resistant up to 425-Degree f. The silicone cotton padded kitchen oven mitts feature a handy cloth loop to hang glove from for easy storage.

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